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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Solutions Memphis offers a myriad of services for current hearing aid users and potential clients. There are core services that are expected from a hearing aid provider, and then there are the services that go that extra mile to differentiate Hearing Solutions Memphis from other providers. All of the services meet or exceed client’s expectations, with the tests being the starting point for most users.

Tests and evaluations

The source of the problem will determine whether hearing aids are even needed for an individual. And if it turns out equipment is needed, specific tests point out steps to be taken before, during and after the hearing aid selection process. Hearing Solutions Memphis cuts down on errors that could prevent clients from making the most of the technology. Tests and evaluations are to the point, accurate and open up entirely new doors to the hearing aid selection process. They Include:

Innovative technology

By staying ahead of the pack with technology, Hearing Solutions Memphis can offer upgradeable parts to improve performance and overall quality of life. Some of the notable upgrades are Bluetooth Hearing Aids and Cell Phone Accessories. This goes far beyond just offering amplification tools and offers hearing aid users a chance to extend their equipment functionality to compatible devices. Coupled with a hearing aid that has rechargeable batteries, there is less stress on a client to manage extended options on their device since it is already built in. Clients that can manage rechargeable batteries on their hearing aids can handle Bluetooth and hearing aid compatible devices without being tech wizards.

Repairing hearing aids

But one of the most important services provided by Hearing Solutions Memphis is repair, something that is inevitable with any electronic device. The good news is that regular maintenance at home can cut down on the chances a hearing aid needs to be repaired. And in even better news, when you have to bring it in, minor repairs can be done onsite. In the rare occurrence the damage is extensive, hearing aids will be sent off to the manufacturer for full repair. To summarize, whether the damage is minor or major, Hearing Solutions Memphis will be there to guide the client through the entire process.