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What to Expect from a Visit to a Hearing Instrument Specialist


Have you considered having your hearing tested? Curious to know how the process of buying a hearing aid works? Here's the step by step process of what to expect when visiting the office of Hearing Solutions Memphis.

1. Hearing Evaluation

The hearing evaluation is one of the most important aspects of the process. Our hearing aid evaluations allow us to gather information about the status of your hearing and how much loss you're currently experiencing. This allows us to help you make informed decisions about which models and accessories can best serve your hearing needs.

2. Hearing Aid Selection

There's a multitude of hearing aid products on the market. What sets ours apart is the quality, name-brand models we carry. Starkey, Siemens, Rexton, Resound, Phonak and Sonic are the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

There are some hearing aid providers and big box stores that sell hearing aids, but these products are cheaply made, outside of the United States, and they have a limited shelf life. Once these hearing aids no longer work or become damaged, there's no way of getting your investment back. You'll have to buy another pair.

The premium brands we carry are made in labs that not only test their products, but repair and replace damaged or stolen hearing aids, which not only provides you with a satisfaction guarantee, but the oppportunity to invest in your hearing with state-of-the-art products compatible with cell phones, televisions, wireless remotes and more, which means you can stay connected and in control of your device at all times. Now that's technology we can get behind.

During the hearing aid selection process, we'll show you a variety of types, some that are virtually undetectable, in a variety of colors, with a variety of accessories available. You can view these models online under our Products pages as well.

3. Hearing Aid Fitting

Another important distinction between our process and that of other hearing aid providers is the time and effort we put into ensuring the proper fitting of your hearing device. Not only do the custom molds provide optimum comfort for daily wear, but the volume levels and settings can be adjusted to perfectly suit your hearing needs.

Have you ever worn a pair of cheaply-designed hearing aids that were too loud and squealed in noisy settings like restaurants and crowds? Have you ever found yourself wanting to turn up the volume on your hearing aids to listen to the television or a soft-spoken person?

While many of today's hearing aids offer the option of controlling the volume on your own, we provide you with the optimum settings for daily wear on the day of your fitting.

If your device is equipped with a volume knob or compatible with a remote, we'll show you how to adjust the settings on your own, leaving you in control at all times.

4. Trial Period and Satisfaction Guarantee

At Hearing Solutions Memphis, our customers are offered a 30-day free trial period to test their hearing aids. That's because we know you'll be so impressed by the quality models and brands we offer that you'll notice the difference in your quality of life with a renewed ability to hear well. If by any chance you don't like technology or the fit, we can adjust the fitting or the volume or try another model.

Ready to try a pair of our premium hearing aids?