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Hearing Aid Fitting

Patients should consider hearing aid fittings an important process of getting the equipment ready for ‘the real world.’ This is the final step before the hearing aids are installed and ready for everyday use. For new or returning patients, the hearing aid fitting can seem like a lot of information at once. Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but the specialist will be there to help with any questions that may come up. Hearing Solutions Memphis makes sure that hearing aid fittings end with all questions answered so that the patient leaves confident in their decision.

What to expect

Multiple things take place during a hearing aid fitting and can be very comprehensive since it’s often considered the last step. The specialist will cover a range of things, field questions and most importantly, gauge how you feel about the sound quality of the hearing aids. Here are some of the things that take place during a hearing aid fitting.

  • Initial device programming
  • A short tutorial on your specific hearing aid
  • Battery maintenance and cleaning instructions
  • Further programming based on the patient’s hearing response
  • And of course a short survey

One key thing that patients should consider is bringing along a family member or friend to the fitting. Hearing Solutions Memphis recommends this since there will be a bit of information to go over, and a second pair of ears would be helpful in remembering it.

The importance of the survey

A survey with a list of questions might be part of the process to completing a hearing aid fitting. It’s optional and very short. Hearing aid fittings is the first time patients will put in their new hearing aid, but that doesn’t mean it will be the last time they see a specialist. Customizations, new accessories, new advancements and general checkups may prompt patients to make an appointment. The survey will help specialists determine the quality of the new hearing aid, and how well it is working in the current environment. Honest answers lead to much better solutions if something needs to be changed with a device.

Be confident with your choice

Being comfortable with a hearing aid will help patients to develop better attitudes about taking care of them and learning about the features. Hearing Solutions Memphis will make sure that the hearing aid fitting meets or exceeds the expectations of the patient, since individuals not satisfied with their hearing aids will not receive the full benefits of the pros it offers. The balance of comfort, style and usefulness is simple if both sides agree on the equipment.