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Patient Testimonials

During my 1st visit to your comfortable, well equipped and professional office I received a thorough ear exam and hearing test. You listened to my version of the woes of my hearing loss and explained the best opinion to a solution. I was very impressed with your listening skills and the explanation of the best solution. 

On my next visit, I picked up my new aids and you carefully showed me the units and accompanying accessories and printed material. I left with a vastly improved hearing and a sense of relief that I fully understood how to use and maintain these new "jewels". 

I continue to reap the benefits of being able to hear and understand conversation, phone calls and all audio equipment. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say "my marriage is better, my mental health is greatly improved and my self­confidence is restored". 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
-Paul H Miller

Thank you for your assistance in being able to hear again. You went way beyond and above in setting up my new Signia NX7 Pure Charge n Go hearing aids. After using a set of Phonak's for 7 or more years, I am blown away with the superior performance of the Signia aids. I am even more satisfied with the professionalism and the individual attention that you and your staff (Donnie) afforded me during the set up and adjustments in your Cordova office. Your devotion to making sure that the new aids were set up to my requirements far exceeded anything I have ever experienced from hearing professionals in Jackson, MS. Thanks again, for the dedicated service that was supplied during my visits to your office. 

Went to Hearing Solutions Memphis to get my new hearing aids. What a wonderful experience. My hearing aids are just AWESOME. I can hear conversations without asking HUN. I don't have to blast my TV anymore, can hear the birds singing again, and can even hear the blinker in my truck. Tom Vaughan is very friendly and genuinely cares about his clients, GREAT GUY. Tom and I talked, we laughed, and all the time he was very professional, while getting his job done. His staff is very very professional, and so so friendly. If anyone needs help with hearing, this is the office to go to. Great atmosphere, Very Professional, and honestly made feel like I was part of the family. Thank you so much, you have changed my life, and my wife and I have made some very good new friends. 
-Eddy and Peggy Hays 

Tom, I want to thank you for all your help in first evaluating my hearing, secondly in explaining to me the advantages of the Siemens hearing aids, and thirdly continuing to adjust them to accommodate my frequency difficulties associated with high pitched female voices. I found the audiology evaluation to be outstanding. The selection of devices to help me overcome my difficulty was spot on and your attention to my continual decline with the tuning adjustments, both software and the devices them selves have made a tremendous difference in this customer's satisfaction. Thank you very much for your help. 
-John Townsend

Thank you for your excellent services in testing and fitting me with my first hearing aids. I'm probably like a lot of hard headed old men about not needing and being skeptical about hearing aids really working but just being a nuisance. So many friends just put them away and continue with annoying limited hearing. My wife had tried to get me to have my hearing checked for quite some time. She finally had a Heart Cath she didn't want, just because I did, therefore I could get my hearing checked. So, the family had my son-in-law to talk to me also about the need for the hearing aids. My wife began checking with our GEHA insurance and their letter indicated their benefit with access to Connection Hearing powered by TruHearing was substantial. Mr. Reed at TruHearing recommended your office especially since it was close to us. I am so glad! I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything I have so much! You, Amy and your wife made things there very pleasant, fast and easy. I really like that I can come by for small adjustments on my way on other errands, as I pass by your office very often. Again, thanks so much!
-James E. Dazey

Mr. Vaughan, I just wanted to thank you for helping my mom Ms Peggy last week with hearing aids. She is such a sweet lady, but kind of timid. I knew she was having problems with her hearing aids and kept asking her to give you a call. Finally, I decided to take a day off so I could go with her to see you and we were both glad we did! You fixed her problem in no time and even gave me some replacement filters and hearing aid buds and instructions on how to use them! you were great. Thanks for everything, Mr. Vaughan. You are such a kind person. Keep up the good work. 
-Sincerely Marcia

Just got my hearing aids this week and could not be more grateful to Tom and his staff for the help and encouragement they gave to me. I put off for a year since my hearing test knowing I needed to do this but just could not bring myself to admit that I needed hearing aids. I can't believe the difference in my ability to hear and how easy they are to use. Thank you again for your help.
-Charlene Thompson 

I want to thank everyone at hearing solutions for being so nice and understanding. I have major hearing loss and was having a hard time. If I have any problems I know I can call and they will be taken care of. 
I now can hear things I haven't heard in a long while. 
Thank you Tom and Hearing Solutions. 
-RD Clark 

Tom, I came to your Office almost 2 years ago to check prices and products 
The rest is history. I was blown away by price and service. You are always available for cleaning and checking my appliance. You didn't make the sale and drop me. 
Every time I visit your office for maintenance i'm treated like a new customer. 
When I call for maintenance I'm always seen the very same day without charge and a smile. 
I love Siemens appliance. My Grandchildren thinks it's so cool with all the technology embraced in this product. They love to look and be sure I'm wearing them because you never can see them. It is wonderful to hear what everyone else is laughing about, leaves falling. Squirrels running, and to understand. Not just hear. 
It's not unusual that I forget to remove them when I retire for the evening. 
They are so very comparable. 
I highly recommend Tom and his staff including Max. They are the real deal. 
Thank You hearing solutions. I look forward to referring my friends to you.
-Rema Nance

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and appreciation for all your help with my hearing aids. No one has ever worked so hard with me to help me hear better. I really appreciate your expertise and patience. It is great finally to be able to join in a conversation, or hear the television, or even know what's going on in traffic as I drive. Again, thank you for all you have done for me. 
-Lloyd F. Fletchall 

Thank you for all your expert help in all the processes involved in obtaining my hearing aids. I am enjoying them and your involvement was very helpful and much appreciated. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who wants to explore the benefits of hearing aids. 
-Dan Rojcewicz 

Tom, I just wanted to let you know how very satisfied I am with my hearing aids and your great service for me. I had forgotten what hearing felt like. My hearing is continuing to improve as I continue to acclimate myself to the hearing aides. And thank you Tom for your patience with me in getting my hearing customized to them. Anyone that I know that needs your services will be immediately referred to you and Hearing Solutions. Again, Tom thanks you so much for your help in giving me back my hearing. Merry Christmas to you and yours.